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Today's Top Servers

Many Servers have come and gone, and it doesn't take much to put one online, so for the latest list of what's out there, fire up a client and see for yourself, or go look at a Metaserver. This list is mainly to mention a few details about the servers that you might not otherwise know, like which ones have robot players.

ServerRobots?  TypeRSSNotes Pre-T practice robots enabled. Bronco Pick-up Pre-T practice robots enabled. Bronco Pick-up Yes Runs at 50 frames per second if your client supports it. Yes, bots take commands Base practice Yes Sturgeon Pick-up   Yes
Home and   No INL Both go to same machine, they just go to the two different teams.
The server is only online when there is a game on. If the game is between set teams, you should automatically connect as an observer.

The RSS feed for a server lists server events such as Wins (genos), Starbases destroyed, etc.

Most servers will have administrator contact information on their MOTD screens, visible when a client first logs on. Some will have that and other useful information on their web pages as linked to above. Others just redirect to Really.

The Netrek History section has some information on past servers and their configurations.