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Netrek software is mostly divided into two categories: clients and servers.
If you want to play Netrek, you will need to download a client, but you don't need the server.
There are also a few utilities; you can find them on the full client download listing page.

Netrek Client Software

There are various Netrek clients. Different people prefer different clients, and all clients work with Bronco, INL, Hockey, Chaos, and Sturgeon servers.

The most recent clients are:

OS Client Notes
Windows Netrek XP 2009 v1.0 Newest and flashiest windows client.
Can do 50 frames per second and yet it will run on Windows 98.
Windows Netrek XP Mod v4.4.0.4 A slightly older windows client, good if your Internet link is slow, since it's only a 2.4 MB download.
Mac OS X Native Mac client for MacOS <= 10.14. Mac Switch Netrek client for MacOS >= 10.15 in the App Store.
Linux Several to choose from See the list of fine choices.

There are a bunch of older clients (COW for Windows, BRMH and TedTurner for Unixes including Mac OS X) available on the full client download listing page.
And if you want the really ancient stuff, it's on the ftp server, or possibly the files directory of this website.

Netrek Server Software

If you want to run your own server, you'll need server code. Almost all server code has now been merged; you can run Bronco, INL, Chaos, Sturgeon, and Hockey from the same source.

You can get the latest release from

See or the the wiki for more detail.

Source Code, Old Code, and More

See the Developer Wiki source code control page for where to find source code for various Netrek programs.

If you are interested in contributing to Netrek, please check out the Netrek Software Development page.

The Netrek Continuum FTP archive is an archive containing almost all known Netrek software, including mirrors of several Netrek FTP sites in the U.S. and Europe past and present.