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  1. Download and install a client for your platform.

  2. OS Client Notes
    Windows Netrek XP 2009 v1.0 Newest and flashiest windows client.
    Can do 50 frames per second and yet it will run on Windows 98.
    Windows Netrek XP Mod v4.4.0.4 A slightly older windows client, good if your Internet link is slow, since it's only a 2.4 MB download.
    Mac OS X Native Mac client for MacOS <= 10.14. Mac Switch Netrek client for MacOS >= 10.15 in the App Store.
    Linux Several to choose from See the list of fine choices.

  3. Read the Netrek Newbie Manual.
  4. And remember that there's lots more fine documentation to check out later.

  5. Start your client and select a server to play on from the list.
  6. and are the main pickup servers.

There are many good sources of information on Netrek. Various FAQs, help files, and guides are available to help Netrek players of all skill levels. If you are new to Netrek and want to get started, begin with the steps above. If after reading through these materials you still have questions, contact the Netrek community for further help!