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Buddhist Jihad game plan, first draft


Please respond to scheduling mail promptly.
Please show up a few minutes early to warm up and get assignments.
Everybody who shows up will get to play at least half the game.
We'll make substitutions mid-way through the game.
Everybody gets equal playing time regardless of ability.
Try the observer port if you get a wait queue on the regular one.


Use messages mainly to inform us of your ship's status.
Always distress once after beaming up armies.
Keep the team board free of clutter so we can see the distresses.
Don't criticize or argue.
Don't discuss what happened on the last play; concentrate on the next.
Don't flood the team board with repetitive messages.
Don't tell others what to do.
Use my RCDs and macros or something similar.
dist.e.taking: %T%c->%O ESCORT! %a armies to %L @ %n.  Currently at %B in a %S
mac.k.T:  I'm going back to pick up armies.
mac.K.T:  Picking up armies from %L.>%O %?%S=SB%{HELP SB @ %B %d%% dam  %w%% wtemp  %a armies  %s%% shd  %f%% fuel%!HELP @ %B! %a armies  %f%% fuel       %d%% dam %} %?%E=1%{ *ETEMP*%!%?%e>80%{%e%% etemp%}%}%?%W=1%{ *WTEMP*%}
dist.carrying:%T%c->%O CARRYING %a armies @ %B.  %f%% fuel      %d%% dmg   %e%% etemp% in a %S
dist.j.escorting: %T%c->%O ESCORTING %g.  At %B with %f%% fuel.
dist.O.base_ogg: %T%c->%O *** OGG BASE *** OGG BASE *** OGG BASE *** SYNC ON:  %g
mac.C.T:  Crushing their base right now


Beam up armies any time you can; they'll just get bombed otherwise.
It's no big deal if you get dooshed with armies.
Everybody should be a part-time planet-taker.
Don't save armies for anyone else if you can carry them yourself.
Don't try to give the armies to a better player or other silliness.
Having multiple carriers is very good, if they're spread out.
Try for separate planets.
Run when chased, drawing the oggers away so others can take.
Your weapons work just as well when you carry, use them.
Take what's open; don't obsess over "the planet we need".


Hurry to the front with each new ship, barring emergencies near home.
Slow down and conserve fuel once you're in good position.
Ideal position is the middle of their front.
Phaser more, torp less; these guys can dodge.
Make it hard for them to kill you (even when you're escorting!)
Do the nearby stuff. Don't fret about stuff you can't get to.
Try to be aware of the carriers on both teams, but especially ours.
Also be aware of armies and of ships with kills.
Don't try to ogg to much, you'll just get runner-scummed.
When they send a wave, shoot the escorts or whomever you can hit.
Phaser & det consistently enough that we can rely on you to do so.
If a teammate flies towards you, he probably wants your help.
Make our ships efficient and theirs inefficient.
Trick them; be creative.
Stay spread out to catch their carriers and to cover pops.
Bomb whenever you're the nearest ship.
Play your favorite ship-type, but if you ask me, scouts suck.
If you're too lagged to fight, try cloak-decoying, or just bombing.


Don't waste time chasing their bombers (except towards their space).
We often want to have one ship with kills waiting for pops.
E.g. wait near our agris & get position on their bomber.
Often good to protect a planet against bombing for a few seconds,
if you know a teammate is coming to pick up there.


We'll pick a race depending on the agri and fuel lay-out.
When both captains have sent 'start', there's a poof (all destruct).
60 seconds later, there's another poof and the game starts for real.
Planets start at 17 armies each.
Game lasts 90 minutes, with possible 30 minute sudden-death overtime.
There's a poof to start overtime.
Victory condition is 11 planets with them have at most 8.
Captains have commands for pausing and for freeing ghostbusted slots.
Otherwise like wormhole. No transwarp, no suped DD/AS/BB, no robots.


I'll try to give each of you an assignment for the first ship.
Depending on where enemies are you may have to wing it.
Shoot them as they go by, but don't turn around to chase their bombers.
I tend to emphasize bombing their front & saving some of our front.
That way we can get off to a fast start.


Please volunteer to starbase if you'd like to.
Our base will primarily be for space control.
Ideal position is the middle of our front.
Base should kill or maim any enemy who dares approach.
Base should usually tractor teammates who fly towards it.
Base should often pressor teammates who fly away from it.
Det & fire for a w-temped base. Dock or stop for fuel.
Don't retreat with the base, much better to mutual or attack planets.


Only our field-captain (probably me, Neeraj, or Al) calls base ogs.
Feel free to plink (fire torps at) their base at any time.
Normally I'll warn you a couple minutes before I call a base og.
Don't tipping them off by attacking early.
I'll usually call the og to be synched with a fresh ship.
If you're taking planets or something, you needn't join the og.
We're probably better off having them chase you while we og.
We'll usually only do one wave; if the base retreats under cover, fine.
Use your judgement after the second wave; if you can get through, cool.


Tractor & phaser to mutual with enemies in our space.
Stick with the game plan.
Don't get upset. Do your best.


Avoid mutualing. Dying is often better, so they'll be low on fuel.
We want them to chase our carriers all over creation.
It's unreasonable to expect to stop them from retaking in their space.
Win the war of attrition, i.e. deliver more armies than they can.


Stay relaxed and alert.
Don't worry about the outcome; just do your best at each moment.
We don't have to stop them; they have to stop us.

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