Gamestats for Summer 1999 INL

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Games: Result:
The Team That Shagged You Vs. SMACK Pack ??
The Team That Shagged You Vs. Machievelli's Children ??
BBig BBuddies Vs. The Team That Shagged You ??
Machievelli's Children Vs. BBig BBuddies ??
SMACK Pack Vs. BBig BBuddies 3-16
SMACK Pack Vs. Machievelli's Children ??
team w00bie Vs. Wolfpack ??
EuroTwinks Vs. team W00bie ??
EuroTwinks Vs. Golden Bears 11-8
Wolfpack Vs. EuroTwinks ??
Golden Bears Vs. team w00bie ??
Golden Bears Vs. Wolfpack ??

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