Hell Night In Canada

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Plate O Mung
Qui Quag rryu@pacificcoast.net
SunRIsE jsolberg@sirius.UVic.CA
Wartboy johnlee@sirius.UVic.CA
The Tick mjeffers@sirius.UVic.CA
Voyager hlam@acs.ryerson.ca
rebel w/o a clu lambui@geocities.com
Kramer mreeves@acs.ryerson.ca
Bill Gates mrybczyn@scs.Ryerson.CA
RocketScientist cs922253@red.cs.yorku.ca
JeMappelle Rico cs932062@red.cs.yorku.ca
MustNotScum feist@cs.ualberta.ca
Toes ttong@lynx.bc.ca
WasteM changm@aracnet.net
Professor X pganza@interlog.com
seto seto@mit.edu
Special Ed vegold01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu

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