BRMH Client Archive

BRMH is no longer available from It is archived at -Dave <>

Below are links to the latest versions available for each platform. Older binaries, including font based versions, can be found here.

Version 2.2p3 and below were created by Tedd Hadley, the original author of BRMH.

Version 2.3p0 was released by Dave Pinkney.

Version 2.4 and higher are maintained by Karthik Arumugham.

Latest Version is: 2.4.0

Browse the directory by clicking here, or download from one of the links below.


Indicates that the binary will attempt to look for and use libraries located on your system at run-time. This means the binary is smaller then the statically linked one, but sometimes certain libraries (the library in particular) are not in the usual places and you may need certain tricks to solve the not found

error message:

% ldd `which xterm`
        -lXaw.5 => /path/path/lib/
        -lXmu.4 => /path/path/lib/
        -lXt.4 => /path/path/lib/
        -lXext.4 => /path/path/lib/
        -lX11.4 => /path/path/lib/
        -lc.1 => /usr/lib/
        -ldl.1 => /usr/lib/
% setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /path/path/lib

If you want to avoid the hassle and you have enough disk space, just get the statically linked client.

Indicates that the binary does not use the dynamic library method described above. This is the default for most operating systems. If a dynamic client exists, though, it's probably in your interest to try it first because it will take up less disk space. Speed and and all other factors will be identical, however.
The font-based clients uses pre-loaded fonts for graphics rather then bitmaps on the observation that font drawing is usually more highly optimized in X servers then bitmap drawing. On slow workstations -- sun3s in particular -- this helps the client keep up with the action being displayed. These clients require an extra file of fonts which should be uncompressed, un-tarred and the directions in the README file followed.