Gamestats for Summer 1998 INL

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Games: Result:
Lucifers Legion vs SMACK Pack16-4-0
Golden Bears vs Lucifers Legion11-8-1
Golden Bears vs Hooked on EbonicsNot Played
SMACK Pack vs Golden Bears5-15-0
Hooked on Ebonics vs Lucifers Legion12-8-0
Hooked on Ebonics vs SMACK Pack16-4-0
HNIC vs Lords of Chaos18-2-0
Euro Twinks vs HNIC8-11-1 (OT)
Euro Twinks vs Wolf Pack15-5-0
Lords of Chaos vs Euro Twinks0-18-2 (geno)
Wolf Pack vs HNIC7-12-1
Wolf Pack vs Lords of Chaos19-0-1 (geno)

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