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Field of Dreams

Captain's name: Craig Cameron and Vincent Louie
Captain's netrek name: The Fish dude and the rec.games.netrek guy
Captain's e-mail: ccameron@sirius.uvic.ca and vlouie@idirect.com
Netrek NameE-mailINL Name
happyfish ccameron
happymeal ccameron-too (Vincent Louie)
Bouncy akbar
Nectarine AC
Volatile sarkara
MustNotScum feist
Plate O Mung tphan (Dick Phan)
Qui Quag tphan (Eric Yue)
some idiot schaller
Paratwink vera
Wart Boy johnlee
Seville root (Andrew Brougham)
Lost Soul panl
1420 MHz mrybczyn
Arnie marcel
Mr. Pants mjeffers
800x600 Bozo (Michael Chang)
Professor X xavier
The Pitts pitts
JavaClient Jclient (Robert Temple)
doom sam.wong
JeMappelleRico cs932063 (Rick Sambhi)
Toes Thomas Tong
bobafet JEDI501 (Tim Tietjen)
Profit stack
JEDI501 JEDI501 (Vincent Loscoavo)
Phoolio dehrig
list xl22
no reason yjlee
Comments: I have listed our most probably logins instead of email addresses. happyfish and happymeal are both captains/non-players. Go the distance. Play in Canada.