Uvic OGGSquad

Captain's name: Sumio Kiyooka
Captain's netrek name: Dog Tags
Captain's e-mail: skiyooka@engr.uvic.ca
Scheduler's e-mail: jsolberg@engr.uvic.ca
Netrek NameE-mailINL Name
Sumio Kiyooka skiyooka@engr.uvic.ca Dog Tags
Jonas Solberg jsolberg@engr.uvic.ca SunRIsE
John Lee johnlee@engr.uvic.ca Wartboy
John Bahl Jbahl@engr.uvic.ca 1_of_9
Craig Cameron Craig.Cameron@shell.ca happyfish
Matt Jefferson Mjefferson@PacificForest.com Mr. Pants
Mike Jones sir_kyr@hotmail.com Kyr
Victor Chong vchong@gulf.uvic.ca
Andrew Gorrie agorrie@engr.uvic.ca
Brad Higgin bhiggin@engr.uvic.ca Han Solo
Eric Mcally N/A Magic
Andrew Sanderson asanders@uvic.ca
Dick Phan Plate-o-Mung
Eric Yue Qui-Quag
Steve Ollis olliz@att.net.au Fyre Stryke
Li Y. Pan panl@eleeng.ee.queensu.ca Brainsmasher
James Cammeron cameron@stl.dec.com Quozl
Alex firedevi@hotmail.com Stormreaver
Rob Chauncey rob@wwa.com Noogin
Comments: This is the first term in a very long time since the University of Victoria has had an INL team. We intened to play well and have fun and OGG the shit out of everything. We hope that we can encourage other small universitys to make thier own netrek teams. Hey, we may suck but we have Balls BABY!