Team 80's (home) defeated The Milkmen (11-8-1, OT)

Time:         Sun Mar 24 16:07:54 1996
Server:       riovista.EECS.Berkeley.EDU


From: (Michael Mulvaney)
Date: 25 Mar 1996 21:15:51 GMT
The Milkmen traveled to Berkeley to play Team 80's last Sunday. Team 80's is still looking for some more players, so they decided to use the game to try out some new players. They ended up with more than they needed, so the weed-out process began:

F5->ALL  hi, i'm vincent louie/raiden.  i'm here to try out
F2->FED  tryouts please leave
Ra->Rb    i'm "trying out" for team 89's
F9->F0   Better finalize who is in and out....
Fg->F0   i'm a try-out, want me to leave?
The Milkmen had other problems:

Mar 24 13:46:28  R1->ROM  I don't wanna play in the game
So we picked up one of the players who was supposed to play for Team 80's, who happens to be on one of our player's INHL team.

Mar 24 13:47:17  Ra->ROM  i don't suck but i'm  not great
We asked him to join, because we figure he would fit right in with the Milkmen creed:

Ra->ROM  i'm just hoser
Re->ROM  hosers rule
Rb->ROM  Hosers rock. :)
Rb->ROM  We're all hosers. :)
Rb->ROM  Unknowns from UT, mostly. :)
Ra->ROM  unknowns = clue of the future
F5 summed up the whole mood of the 80's in just one sentence:

F5->FED  with reagonomics here, do you want me to leave?
The Milkmen prepared their strategy with a careful consideration of the planet layout, opposing team's players, and the conventional wisdom of netrek thought:

R0->ROM  pay attention, and kill things.
Around this time, I realized we had no base. I turned to Keith and said, "Oh shit, we have no base." Keith turned to Glass Bottle and asked the question:

Mar 24 13:58:01  Rb->Ra   Can you base?
Ra->Rb    yes... i play at vlsi a lot
Rb->Ra   Okay, do you wanna base?
Ra->Rb    BUT i don't know what to do
Ra->Rb    just tell me stuff like stay back
Rb->Ra   Okay, yeah, okay. Good, you're drafted. :)
Rb->ROM  We need a cowardly base. :)
So it was settled. We took Fed, with Alp/Bet agri and they took Rom, with Dra/Sir agri. We both had good front line fuel/repair on the front line.

The game started. Opening bombing was pretty even. It took us a while to touch Dra, but when we got there it was empty. Their base picked off of Tau too, I think, so they ha 25 on the base at least. Our base took an interesting strategy of not picking up many armies, but we managed to keep a few on the core planets. I don't really remember, because it never matters very much.

For the first 45 minutes or so, we traded front line planets. The early battles seemed to be on the left side, as we traded Rig and Cap a few times. Many armies were thrown at Rig, which was just a rock. Can went back and forth for a while, but it was more or less even.

Team 80's made a push, and took Alt, Can, and Org. Things were looking bad, so we called a time out. After the time out, a got back in the base, and we took our planets back.

Team 80's finally took Org, and we could not take it back. The base was always near Can, and would move up to protect it. Rig, Can, and Cet were traded, and we were worried about getting into overtime. With 3 minutes to go, they had org and cet. Alex Keaton took Rig, but Peter took it right back. I picked up a kill escorting him, and went to take cet. Overtime was in sight. But as I was flying to cet, they snuck in and took can. I took Cet, and Keith stepped up once more to take Can with about 1:30 left.

o it was 11-9. But the Roms had a problem if they wanted to finish the game in regulation:

1:47:09:T  Fh->FED  kill flat
1:47:13:T  R8->ROM  Fuck, guys.
1:47:19:T  R2->ROM  get a kill
1:47:20:T SRV->R6   Time left: 1.270 minutes in Regulation play
1:47:34:T  R9->ROM  We flat
1:47:36:T **** 60 seconds left in Regulation play ****
We noticed this, so we all ran away:

1:47:40:T  Fc->ALL  quick! into ori space!
Which sounded like a good idea. It was weird to see all the Feds maxwarping away from the front. Team 80's reacted well though:

1:47:51:T  R0->ROM  Hey, maggots: ()() OGG THE BASE ()()
1:47:51:T  R0->ROM  Hey, maggots: ()() OGG THE BASE ()()
Whoops, we forgot about him. :)

1:48:04:T GOD->ALL  Glass Bottle(SB) (Fa) was kill 5.42 for Reaganomics
5.42 kills! And their base was at Org with the army they needed to finish the game. By the time we figured this out, he was on his way to cet.

Fh->FED  5++
Fh->FED  cet!!!!!!
He was orbiting the planet as time ran out. A few more seconds, and it would have been over. Meanwhile, the UT computer lab was a site for much rejoicing.

In overtime, everyone went into super-passive mode. Our scout bomber was killed a few times, because we forgot to tell him that it was sudden death. Just one of the many perils of playing on a first year team where 6 of us are in the same room. We forget to type that kind of stuff. :)

They mobbed down to Cet before we all got there, and we all froze up, game over.

The post game talk was pretty happy on all sides: The 80's won their first game of the season, and the Milkmen avoided getting blown out. :) It was a close game overall, and we all had a really good time. Much more fun that the try-to-hol-your-core technique that I am sure we will get to work on Thursday against the Tubers.

Actually, this reminds me of our High School homecoming game, when we were 0-9 for the season. We tied 0-0, and the whole stadium went crazy chanting, "We didn't lose! We didn't lose!"

And all the time, our team only said fuck one time:

R1->ALL  if u can't fly a fuckin' DD, geto ff the server
And that was before the game started. :) I guess R1 must have been Keith.

From: (Dan Zerkle)
Date: 26 Mar 1996 08:10:52 GMT

Michael Mulvaney ( wrote:

: 5.42 kills!  And their base was at Org with the army they needed to
: finish the game.  By the time we figured this out, he was on his way
: to cet.  
: Fh->FED  5++
: Fh->FED  cet!!!!!!

: He was orbiting the planet as time ran out.  A few more seconds, and
: it would have been over.  Meanwhile, the UT computer lab was a site
: for much rejoicing.  
Actually, it was worse than that. I (the base) had only one army, and 5 (I think) had the kills. However, CET had just popped from 1 to 3, so the best we could do before time ran out was to weaken it to 2. Phooey. Lucky bastards.

If only the poppage had been just a *little* more in our favor....

In any case, the OT was really funny. We yelled at our new players (and some of our old ones, too) to cluster around the base, since they were already charging off to the front. Oh, yeah. That.

We noticed that they had sent in a bomber, even though we didn't have any armies. Two of our players ran off in SC after him (one of them actually refitting on me). Their bomber actually managed to buttorp one of them to death, but apparently ran out of fuel before he could use the kill. Our other player picked up the kill. The game was basically over at that point.

We were doing a *really* good job of keeping them killflat, right down to mutualling when death was inevitable. One of them eventually did get a couple of kills, but spent too much time at the homeworld. Our bomber did a good job of not giving any kills. We kept up a strong presence at ORG, so they couldn't do much.

Anyway, I had picked up 10 armies, as poppage finally shifted into our favor. Cet had popped to 5, so we just ferried a few armies over for the win.

Kudos to Milkmen for pulling their act together when they were down 14-6. We were getting ready to crush them at that point, but they called a timeout and started playing better. We also started playing worse, with some SC dropping that didn't work at all. I'm going to yell at our mailing list about that later....

One hint for the Milkmen: Since you picked FED, we picked ROM to give you a backline open-side agri. That made it really easy for our SC bomber to squish a lot of your armies and give only 6 acc. Our agris were easier to defend and pick. That's why we usually had carriers in your face.

nyway, MVP goes to our scummer, even though he chewed me out pretty good a couple times when I did stupid things in the base.

                     Planets        Armies                    Kills    Deaths
                    ----------- ------------------- --- ---Good-----Bad -------
Name       team min tpt tpd tpb tab tac pad fao eao tof eck pck tek fck def acc
Breakin' II R8   93  15  17  10  41  74  91   0   0 106   0   3  57   0  43  10
                                     **  **                      **
Runner up has to go to our bomber, for improving so much and for giving so little ACC and, most of all, for bombing even though he hates it (not much else to do with 250ms lag).

At one point, he pulled off a good maneuver. I was chasing a carrier down the open side, but couldn't get the kill past the buttorps, and I was the only big ship nearby to stop the take, so I couldn't be too agressive. Our bomber, without being told, saw what I was doing, and ogged from behind. No kill, of course, but he used up some of the carrier's fuel and did some damage. A couple of my phasers finished the job. Nice!

He would have been even better if he'd stuck with the bombing. He got sick of it and worked the front in part of the end of the game....

Name       team min tpt tpd tpb tab tac pad fao eao tof eck pck tek fck def acc
Supply Side R4   95   0   3  40 128  12  58   0   0  84   0   0   7   0  14   6
                                ***                                           *
Team 80's is a team again, even without Tim. And there was much rejoicing.

From: (james volker)
Date: 25 Mar 1996 21:55:12 GMT

The Milkmen came to riovista to play Team 80's yesterday. Aside from some of their players busting regularly, they managed to hold us off until OT, when we finally got that last army down, helped by the base advantage.

We had pretty even setups, with agris at dra/sir and bet/alp. Dan kept our base between the two until we ran out, but I noticed the Milkmen base moving up alone a bit too much.

In regulation, we managed to nuke the Milkmen base twice without too much hassle, once just to keep it from making it to OT, but they caught us away from Dan in base, killing him +2, I think. During all that, the frontline kept changing hands like John's mom's phone number, and we were anywhere from even to three planets up the entire time, and never the same way for more than a moment. I think T80s would've had a far harder time if the Milkmen hadn't stopped bombing, but they didn't really try after about halftime.

T80's MIP goes to Squid [R4] for staying with the bombing for as long as he did. Great job.

This was T80's first game under new management and at a home server [which wasn't very homey for some], and we had great obs help and new recruits subbing in. The Milkmen were great sports; it was a damned fun game, and close. Thanks for coming.


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