The Usual Suspects (away) defeated Golden Bears (11-8-1, OT)

Time:         Mon Mar 18 20:39:33 1996
Server:       riovista.EECS.Berkeley.EDU


From: (Graystreak)
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 1996 23:22:56 GMT
We sucked. We sucked completely and utterly and totally. We were hopelessly stupid. Tim managed to suck slightly less than the rest of us, which is probably why we won.


   ... when wex managed to escape becoming acc by mutualling with me and a
   CA who should've detted.
Heh, that was Duck. I think he's forgotten where he left his DET key. I got him to explode even more than I got Tom to explode, though Tom gave me most of my EAO.

   ... it was over -- with Duck 1 inch from taking Ind to prevent the loss.
Felix conveniently forgets that he was about to explode under a wave of my torps as the game ended, leaving me to doosh Duck again, just as I had dooshed the key carrier to IND the previous time.

To their credit, GB came within one army of beating us that time (having two neut planets and only me between the carrier (gmonsen) and the planet).

   Suspects sent only two bombers and protected the rest of their planets
   fervently.  We sent a lot of bombers and got roundly crushed as well
   as brutally bombed.
Those bombers were me and Andrew Sarkar, one of the two new players TUS is training this season (a real difference between TUS and other clued teams is that we train newcomers). Andrew laid down 106 TAB in 30 minutes, giving up only 4 ACC.



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