Team Asterix (home) defeated Magnum Opus (16-4-0)

Time:         Wed Feb 28 20:03:54 1996
Server:       einstein.ICS.UCI.EDU


From: Tetsu Takekoshi (
Date: 29 Feb 1996 12:47:04 -0800
This was a home game for Team Asterix, but the lag stats were.... odd. The 2 USC people had the highest packetloss (17%,19%). Magnum Opus players seemed to have less packetloss and longer pings. After people repeatedly busted the game finally started and there seemed to be no busts after that.

MO chose ROM sir/hyd agri. Because silly wasn't there, TA was allowed to be green, sco/mir agri, which had better frontline fuel. Both teams stored armies in their core and things were pretty static (reg, lal, and eri were exchanged a few times) for awhile. Then MO chose an extremely opportune moment to ogg Getafix (SB) sending him and 17 little Gauls down in flames to meet their maker. Throughout the rest of the game, both team's bases were short-lived, although MOs Faust (SB) was tough to get to.

TA implemented their new, even more complex, "rewl more/suck less" strategy and pulled ahead taking reg/ind/eri/tau repeatedly. MO retook these instantly until Fulliautomatix started taking sir (agri). It was taken back again, but the game wasn't the same after that. Fulliautomatix continued scumming, reaching Scummander in < 50 minutes. Panacea followed suit, beaming up every army in sight. In the latter part of the game every core planet except rom had been taken at least once and the game ended at 16-4.

MO ogged base exceptionally well, but seemed to have problems with scoutbombing and spacecontrol near the end. TA had problems with kill control (wait until you see my acc) but made up for it by picking up shitloads.

From: (Jeffrey Nowakowski)
Date: 02 Mar 1996 02:08:41 GMT
Also note that the score was 16-4, not 14-6. Heroes of Core!

Yeah, the lag stats were kind of weird. Note that 2 of the T* players were local, and a third practically local. However, I don't think lag was a big factor in the game.

[Re: MO's SB (Faust) being tough to get to]

As was pointed out by Teddy, faust was indeed in core, except for the first time he got ogged to bits, when he was near our front line, I think. The second and last base by T* was killed near our core. I don't recall there being a major carrier at the time, so I'm not sure what he was doing so far down. I could be wrong about the carrier though.

[Re: new "rewl more/suck less" strategy]

Twas a good plan and a fine summary. T* played an excellent game with some very good teamwork. I will note that beep-lite was enabled on the server, which is definitely not INL. Must have been some twinky server god.

-Jeff (Captain MOTD)


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