Hockey Night In Canada (away) defeated LaggU (11-8-1, OT)

Time:         Apr  2 20:17:26 1996


From: (Christopher Veaudry - PHAS/W94)
Date: 4 Apr 1996 16:27:05 GMT
I have nothing to say about the game. Well, a few things.

I don't have the stats.

I ob'ed most of the game.

It was played at LaggU. Pregame, ploss was horrid. While the game was on, it was OK.

HNIC was up by 15-5 at one point, and LaggU came back, briefly taking the lead at one point (they had managed to horde 18 armies on KLI) however in OT the canadians (and Joe and Terry, thanks for a great season guys) pushed back and won.



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