LaggU (away) defeated Vinnie's Dad (14-5-1)

Time:         Sun Oct 29 18:53:55 1995
Server:       ??


From: (Stoltz)
Date: 30 Oct 1995 03:48:49 GMT

Never before has there been so much joy and sorrow packed into one game. The University of Delaware team, Vinnie's Dad, hosted a historic game on on this overcast sunday, October 29, 1995. With a team composed of only 2 people who had ever even played in an INL game and 6 others who performed amazingly against unspeakable odds, Vinnie's Dad not only held off LaggU, but performed superbly in the face of gutwrenching, skullsplitting defeat.

LaggU picked rom with sir/hyd agri. Vinnie's Dad picked fed with bet/veg agri.

The game started with LaggU staying back (or so it seemed) to protect a mass of armies, but somehow a ravenous pack of Udel scouts tore a hole in the LaggU defenses, beating and pummeling scores of romulan children as they lay waste to every planet but sir and rom.

As my faithful cohort Dave remarked "holy shit, we have a shitload of armies," the great Canadian Taking Machine, Yen, had already secured reg, and the entire LaggU front line soon fell to Yen and the other who-the-fuck-is-he wonder, Penis Zion. Scrambling for their dignity and their planets, LaggU tried and tried to retake their front line, but F0, who had never played locally before, crushed every red ship that came near a yellow circle. Charlie Brown and Lovely Vinnie, no doubt angered by the complete lack of sex in their lives, went on a killing spree of epic proportions.

The frustration of the ROM team suddenly turned deadly, though, and after they almost lost their core agri to the Canadian Taking Machine, they got wise to the fact that the yellow ships held yellow men, who were having a ball balling red women. Ind eventually fell to the waves of crimson bitmaps, but out of nowhere, Penis Zion took ind under the rom base plus two baffled rom cruisers.

The war over the rom front began to lean to the roms favor, though, and after a hard fought battle, the cruel evil forces of LaggU regained their original ten planets.

52 minutes into the game, the first yellow planet fell. It would not be the last.

The rest is history.


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