LaggU (home) defeated Team Asterix (11-8-1, OT)

Time:         Thu Nov 30 20:55:22 1995


From: wolfe@hivnet (Wolfe Maykut)
Date: 01 Dec 1995 17:30:28 GMT

Hosting the Team of Evil (Team Asterix) has never been a pleasant task for LaggU. Whenever we manage to quit sucking long enough to make (or almost make) the playoffs, there's Team Asterix there to beat us. For once, though, it didn't happen.

The opening went well for LaggU. We picked Fed (Alt-Bet agri) to Asterix's Rom (Dra-Sir agri) ("Like God intended" --Delbaeth) and had a pretty successful bombing run. We got all of their planets except frontliners Ind and Reg. Their base had picked up on Rom and Dra and then ran to the frontline, covering Ind. We managed to save a full base, 27 on Alt, and 11 on ear.

The game then proceeded logically, LaggU and Asterix dropping until LaggU had the only armies. During this time, Pac-Man and Teddy Ruxpin had been tag-team bombing like champs and any scouts they sent into our space were quickly chased out.

About 35 minutes into the game I got somewhat crippled (95 dam), so I decided to die on their base. He didn't kill me, trying to save me for one of their team. I got about 150 in, and hung around, crippled and fuelless. Then Delbaeth uncloaked and one-man ogged the base (who missed two very critical phasers) for 550. By the time he destroyed Delbaeth he was at 350 damage. I was still alive, plinking about a torp every second and a half. Our scout bomber (Pac-man) noticed Del's ogg and finished plinking the base to death [+8].

40 minutes into the game Asterix was down to six planets, not including Sir. Our base, still in core, had 25 onboard. We stretched, yawned, and figured out where we were going to go for dinner. Jan didn't sound too upset that he had to get up in four hours.

Then Asterix turned it around. Starting out with a base ogg that caught our base in core with one defender vs. seven of them [+25... Ouch!] we got a bit demoralized. They started guarding their pops ferociously. They started bombing. They escorted well. They ogged the hell out of us. They pounded our unloseable game into dust, and, five minutes before regular time ended, they were up a planet.

We were a broken team. Pac-man was yelling at us for playing stupidly. Jan was yelling at us for being dumb enough to let the base die in core undefended. Wedgie was yelling at himself. It was sad.

Things looked bad. They started with five extra armies on Rom and a base while we had eight minutes to wait. The score was even at 10-10.

We turned it back around. We played well. Asterix wouldn't let up, and the game stayed close. We held them off, and managed to ogg their base (up between Rig-Can) around the same time we got ours.

They got a carrier free and clear to Rig (@3), with the planets still 10-10. Cacofonix, who had been talking shit the entire game despite playing worse than anyone else on Asterix's team, then yelled "GAME OVER!" as their carrier dropped two on Rig. We shrugged, and played on.

The game stayed close. We kept our base back somewhat, hoarding those much-needed armies. At one point Asterix took Org, and then, just as they were about to take Cet for the win, Wedgie took Cap.

Our base, now playing up, ghostbusted, and drifted towards Rom. Somewhere between Ind and Dra he was intercepted by a beautiful (albeit unnecessary) TA ogg. Free doosh. After the ogg, TA's two kills both GB'd too. There was lots of whining from both teams, but we eventually just accepted it and played on.

Four minutes before the end of OT, we had our front line back and Cap was neut. We were playing for the tie. We called a timeout, and realized that we had five armies in our backfield, and only one player with two kills. Unfortunatly, it was ender, LaggU's worst carrier, but it was our only chance.

I ran back, switched to an AS, and started picking up. When I got to Veg I was +6 and six of Team Asterix's team was going for the ogg, with only 4 LaggU defenders. I cloaked, and, heroicly, LaggU came through, crushing off the ogg wave. Then, with all their new kills (and a bunch of new pops) everyone scrambled off to carry, leaving me by myself. Great.

So, after repairing, I followed my usual Lock-on & Maxwarp strategy of carrying, heading to Reg. Someone had already softened it to two, and, after experiencing no delays on the way there, the three escorts surrounding the planets easily crushed off the few oggers for the easy drop.

Pac-man tells us that no less than four Asterix's were following him trying to scum a kill as the game ended with three minutes to play.

Congrats to TA, who ogged the hell out of us, played a solid game and nearly pulled off a remarkable comeback.

Special kudos to Wedgie, who got another 24 planets, and Jan's Euro Base of Rewl, which was unkillable whenever he had a fighting chance. Also, games well played to Teddy Ruxmeister and Pac-man, who's excellent bombing won the game for us. And to Delbaeth, who did everything, and to Archmange, who escorted beautifully, and Sven, who was there whenever we needed him.


From: (Tatsuya Murase)
Date: 2 Dec 1995 08:18:16 GMT

In a exciting match for all, the Gauls of Asterix played the denizens of LaggU with a screw-the-deadline-and-let's-play attitude.

Asterix (away) chose Rom w/ Dra/Sir agri, and LaggU (home) took Fed w/ Alt/Bet agri. The opening bomb went handily to LaggU as the disorganized Asterix hordes sluggishly moved to bomb LaggU's core against LaggU's typical heavy ASW. Indeed, Alt remained a question mark to Asterix as LaggU's base "No Fear" parked itself near it. With this considerable army advantage, and Asterix's lack of playing any games or scrimmages for weeks, LaggU knocked Asterix on its knees, rapidly turning Cap/Ind/Reg yellow. Meanwhile, Asterix desperately commenced on a series of oggs upon the base to kill it and to bomb the remaining stash on Alt. In time, the hordes of ACC created by those oggs cost Asterix several planets, going down to 5 planets for a while. Tetsu hopped in the base after chiriu left to farm Dra/Sir, but was plinked to death holding LaggU as Asterix again failed to kill jsf.

So things looked grim for the Gauls, but LaggU finally left their base alone to go scum one of our planets again, and this time:

1:12:46:T GOD->ALL  No Fear(SB) (F8+25 armies) was kill 9.35 for Vitalstatistix(CA) (Ri)
Revitalized, Asterix quickly worked its way back to 10-10, and the rest of the game was one hard fought take attempt after another on both sides.

In OT, with less than 5 minutes remaining, Asterix called an ogg on LaggU's base, only to find it had busted. The net was not quite done with its vicious streak, as it went on to bust several Asterix players in the pause clearing massive amounts of space for LaggU, which had ender hanging around in an AS picking up armies, and was up Cap. This was basically the fatal blow, as Asterix was unable to pick up any kills after the game continued to rescum Cap--thus, the game ended as ender slipped in (with wedgie decoying to Sir) to neut Reg.


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