Team Tuber (home) defeated Golden Bears (13-7-0)

Time:         Sun Nov 26 17:47:28 1995


From: (Andrew Markiel)
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 95 02:32:06 GMT

Tubers played GB at home to end the sesaon, and won 13-7 in regulation. This means Tubers will make the playoffs, and will probably win the division.

The game was at Except for our 2 local players, GB mostly had similar lag and better packet loss, but the loss wasn't very significant. One of the advantages of an at-large team is the ability to sub out people stuck behind broken routers.

GB took Rom with Dra/Sir agri, Tubers took Fed with Alp/Bet agri. I'm not really sure who had the better opening bombing, but eventually feds ended up with a full base on Can@15 or so, while Roms had a similar setup at Cap. Unfortunately, fairly early Tubers wandered off somewhere and let GB surround the Tuber base with 7 ships and crush it in one wave +25. A few minutes later Tuber carriers walked away from the remaining Can stockpile, and the score was 12-8 Tubers (us owning Cap and Reg) but Tubers out of armies.

GB naturally came back and were up a planet for a short time, but we were able to get armies and retake. Things were fairly even until ~30 minutes in when the Rom base wtemped in the middle of an ogg wave and was crushed by the second half.

Tubers began to slowly advance. We started on Reg, but bounced from side to side and slowly the Rom front began to fall. Roms were able to fight back occasionally, but as the game went on the Tuber space control improved and made it harder and harder for GB to control their frontline planets. By the end the fight involved Tubers taking the Rom front at will and then trying to keep the Roms from takign it back.

About halfway through I subbed out to orchestrate the victory from the sidelines. GB tried some strategy variations, including stockpiling, but Tubers failed to make any stupid mistakes and we were able to keep an excellent balance of bombing, control, and carrying. In the final 15 minutes, we were able to take Hyd a few times which drained their army supply, Nick and Preddy kept their army supply down with excellent bombing, and tfeng expertly held onto a pile of armies which was used to instantly recapture any frontline planet the Roms managed to take. In the end, we acheived the expected 13-7 win, holding the entire Rom front.

With a 13-7 victory, Tubers score a higher planet count than DFWI and thus clinch a playoff spot. The current planet counts are (planets for - planets against - neutrals)

Tubers  62-36-2
DFWI    60-36-4
SAW     42-35-3
With SAW having 1 game to play (vs. GB). Thus, unless SAW beats GB by a score of at least 18-1-1 (unlikely, especially with GB as the home team), SAW will be eliminated from the playoffs and Tubers will win the division. This assumes we don't play a round-robin to determine the division winner, but with the regular season ending tomorrow, I doubt that we would have enough time to play the 3 necessary games before the rest of the playoffs.

While Babes seem to have the Division 1 Title wrapped up, it's unclear who is #2 since about half of the games haven't made it to Dave's Statboy site. No matter, we can defeat them all!

Stats follow. Go Tubers!

-Grey Elf


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