EuroTwinks (home) defeated *SMACK!* Pack (17-2-1)

Time:         Sun Nov 26 22:15:21 1995


From: vleugels@po (Dirk Vleugels)
Date: 26 Nov 1995 21:48:37 GMT

Finally a win! EuroTwinks played Smack Pack on fisher. SP choosed ROM with DRA/SIR agri, ET got FED with ALP/BET. After 4 losses in OT this season ET was more than eager to win . ROM frontline was taken very fast, and then ET started weakening core planets. SP never got the chance to retake their frontline. All fighting was done in SP space. SP had a slight comeback when their planets started popping like there was no tomorrow, but ET delivered constantly, finally taking both core agris. Both SP bases were taken out by *lovely* synced base oggs, deep in ROM space.




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