Seven Ancient Wonders (home) defeated *SMACK!* Pack (11-8-1, OT)

Time:         Mon Nov 20 23:50:28 1995


Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 02:44:18 GMT

(since no one mentioned this)

SAW met Smack Pack at Umich on Monday night.

As expected, SAW racked up the first kills, ran over Smack Pack defenses and took the planets they wanted. I think they won in 5 minutes.

5 minutes of OT that is. SP should be proud. (well, proud of the OT.. not of losing :)


From: (Kevin M Bernatz)
Date: 26 Nov 95 19:35:49 GMT
I'll add my 2 cents now that I'm back from Thanksgiving vacation.....

We played at Umich with good lag for both sides. There was some grumbling of cheating by some of SAW, but I'm fairly confident that it was just lucky pops and not xsg. What would they have to gain from making planets pop so much when they're already down to 3 or 4 planets? Besides, Dan was there and I'm sure he would have noticed something (though I will comment that it was pretty obvious someone was using it pre-game to insta-heal their bases.....I would suggest avoiding this so that the other team doesn't jump to incorrect conclusions during the game).

SAW started off mediocrely, with a failed base ogg initially. The game was fairly even until about 30 minutes into the game where SAWs skill started to take advantage. Excellent planet fakes and dooshes caused SP to fall to 3-4 planets and the geno looked definitely possible (we had to play for a geno since we were unsure if Tywong was willing agree to 3-team tie-breaker should Tubers, DFWI and SAW end the season with only 1 loss). At this point they subbed in chafey and I asked if anyone objected. He was over modem and figured he wouldn't be that crucial (since a 19-1 win was probably just as good as a geno), so I said 'go ahead'. Maybe next time I won't be such a nice guy, but you only learn by your mistakes.... They popped about 12-15 armies in a 1-2 minute span and saved them on their base. They retook Ceti (they were Fed, we were ROM) and we ogged their base and took Deneb. It *almost* was the winning play. Instead, we left their base warp 1 and chafey scooped armies off of it and retook den (their agri). Chafey then picked more armies off the base and took Can (their other agri) and soon the game was tied. We were debating about going for a 10-0-10 OT win but I had had enough of the game and scummed a SP bomber at ROM and took Indi'd CETI for the win (after someone had taken ORG, which started OT INDI). Overall a good game for SP and a bad game for SAW. I'd like to get another shot at DFWI and Tubers to determine the Divisional play-off contenders (this is all assumine we beat GB...which is by no means a given). But it's up to DFWI now, whether we play the round robin or not.


From: (Daniel Damouth)
Date: 26 Nov 1995 20:34:43 GMT

[Re: Kevin's suggestion of not using XSG during pre-game warmup]

Yeah, I agree, even though I was the one that healed Deanna during warmup, which set Rick (?) off. Then, late in the game, someone on SP was making jokes about God being on their side, which didn't help matters any. Besides which, a good argument could be made for me having an interest in SP doing well. Also, marcush was using xsg in order to make a recording of the game. All in all, I can see how it might have looked suspicious :)

I watched most of the game from xsg. I was curious to see how SAW would do against a clearly weaker team, since all the SAW games I'd seen to that point were SAW vs. some strong team. It seemed to me that their normal strategy of saving armies and pushing at the end wasn't going to get the kind of planet count that they wanted.

But they started playing up to their ability with an impressive push, getting SP down to 3 planets and denying them their agris. Although I didn't think they would geno, I wasn't prepared for their comeback. Has anyone analyzed the pop stats? I know I saw an large number of armies suddenly appear a few times. However, the pops were not in increments of 5, which I believe is the only way xsg can create armies.

Xsg pops would probably not show up in the popstats, but you could fairly easily check for them by comparing the sum of TAC and enemy TAB with the total number of armies popped. Of course, someone could have doctored the stats files, but that would change the date on "ls -l". Of course, the date can be faked by someone with the right access, but none of the three of us has it. Al would have had to do it. So there you have it, Al is responsible. :-)

-Dan Damouth / Charity / Tuber / HookedOnPhonics!


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