Magnum Opus (home) defeated Rookies (14-5-1)

Time:         Sat Nov 18 17:27:06 1995


From: (Jeffrey Nowakowski)
Date: 19 Nov 1995 13:29:24 GMT
This was an INL match between Rookies and Magnum Opus (my team). The game was held at It was a silly game. Rookies could only muster 3 players. MO only had 6. 40 minutes late, we managed to start 7 on 7, with Rookies fielding 4 subs. MO had no subs. One sub was playing in his first INL game. Another one was a rusty guy who used to play for Zoo (kumara2@lib110.its.rpi). Go figure.

Also worth mentioning was the lag to I simply couldn't believe it. I felt like I was playing at fisher. So much for home server advantage.

Things didn't start off well for the Rookies. Their base (Red Dawn) died+25 armies 5 minutes into the game in one wave. The Rookies had decided to use 3 or 4 scouts, so oggs against our base (faust) were, putting it nicely, ineffective. Despite the army advantage, MO didn't do much more than weaken their front line for about the first half hour/45 minutes, due to lag and careless dooshes. Then things got settled down (read we got used to the lag), and MO took control of their front line.

About 50 minutes into the game, Giardia Froth (for the Rookies) had to leave because his lab was closing. tychay was available for subbing, but I was being a bastard and had told them earlier that he couldn't play (I thought he was better than any of the players they had), so they played down a man for about 20 minutes. Giardia came back for the last 20 minutes.

The Rookies lost their second base about an hour into the game when Red Dawn took it out again to ogg our base. His team didn't support him, and he was dead in short order. faust escaped unscathed. The third base by the Rookies (Rainbow Warrior (I love that handle)) died not too far from his homeworld with about 3 minutes left in the game. The ogg was just for kicks. I don't think he was used to basing, plus I'm sure his lag didn't help. Check out the base stats for number of kills and how long they lasted. It's kinda amusing.

Well, that's about all the highlights (and lowlights). In short, Magnum Opus got its first victory. Not a proud victory, but a victory nonetheless. It's too bad Rookies couldn't put their team together.

-Jeff (Captain Eject)

From: (PHAS/W94)
Date: 19 Nov 1995 13:18:45 -0500
[Re: Sudish Joseph's comment about switching servers due to bad lag]

And give Jeff another thing to bitch about?

I didn't want to push it. We basically had a no-show team (only Red Dawn, Shardow Hunter, and Myself) and I had to grab 5 subs off bigbang.

The subs played extremely well. I was quite impressed with the way they threw themselves into the fight.

I blame the entire loss on myself. When I got kicked out, we were tied with Captain Reject's MO at 10-10-0. We had to play down a man without me. That cost us the chance to win.

When you get a bunch of people who have never played together before, base oggs are hard to pull off. 4 of the 5 subs had never played INL before, so it was a true rookie team.

Jeff was being extremely anal, and even his teammates were pissed off with him. I initially wanted to play a scrimmage, with subs, and play the official game later, however Jeff pulled the "Heiko said" "you play or forefit" shit.

I had no choice. This was also my first game as captain, and that added to our hardship.

These things happen.

We took the opportunity to try some new strategy, and we decided to go with a scout heavy team, hoping that the added speed and ability to quickly mob enemy carriers would offset our lack of dogfighting skill.

We had 2 controllers on the front line in CAs, our base (who then was asw/carrier after the base was lost) and the rest in scouts.

We felt that if their base was passive, we were effectively up a man on them, and with the speed of the scouts, we would keep the game close.

And it worked. Their takes were not careless, as Jeff thought, they were well defended, with one, two, and sometimes 3 escorts. The enemy carrier hesitated when the mass of scouts came screaming in, and we took out his escorts one by one, and then ran the carrier down as his CA escorts tried to catch up.

After 50 minutes, we were tied. Despite the loss of the base, (it wasn't Red Dawn's fault - he just got no support) and it's 25 armies, we were still tied.

That's when I let it slip away.

We should have won that one.



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