DFWI (away) genocided *SMACK!* Pack (19-0-1)

Time:         Wed Nov 15 23:08:55 1995
Server:       hal.eecs.umich.edu


From: sheldon@iastate.edu (Steve Sheldon)
Date: 16 Nov 95 04:18:31 GMT
[Edited to include summary only]

Game was at hal.eecs.umich.edu at 8pm on Wed 95Nov15.

It started off bad for SP right from the start, as feds(the good guys) took out the front line and eastern sea border right off the bat.

Then we spent like 45 minutes trying to figure out how to slowly whittle them down.

Fire Hose! and Old Man Coyote played good games taking planets right under enemy phasers...

Lag was really bad for the rest of us ISU folks.

-Steve Sheldon


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