DFWI (away) defeated Golden Bears (11-8-1)

Time:         Sun Nov 12 14:24:41 1995
Server:       tilden.EECS.Berkeley.EDU


From: sheldon@iastate.edu (Steve Sheldon)
Date: 12 Nov 95 22:38:04 GMT

Finally, in a fit of unbridled cluefulness, DFWI won a game before going into Overtime! Proving once again the superiority of Iowa. (Oh, yeah, and MIT and CMU and... :)

DFWI won the game by scout dropping Eri, Reg, Sir, and other planets... Finally winning the game by taking Cap(agri) and neuting Eri. [Hmm, isn't this an old GB strategy? :)]

Lag sucked big and bad for me. Everytime I would get an enemy on my tactical I'd lock up. :(

-Steve Sheldon


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