Team Tuber (home) defeated DFWI (12-8-0)

Time:         Sun Nov  5 18:34:45 1995


From: "S. Humphreys"
Date: 6 Nov 1995 02:03:36 GMT

At the start it looked bad for team tuber, we were only able to field 6 people and DWFI had 7, after a server crash we reassembled at euclid.eecs.umich DWFI subbed in madpit, and team tuber subbed in tychay and pigface@u.washington.

It seemed that the tubers were out-clued, and it seemed to us that we if our base died, we would lose. After some debate Mr Potato Head was chosen to base after he swore he wouldnt die at all. The opening seemed to go to Tubers as they were able to save alp @ 34 and SB +25. There was a bunch of taking back and forth of frontline planets with no clear advantage for either team. DWFI had a stronger team, and a more agressive base, while tuber seemed to keep the army advantage with DWFI having a hard time bombing alp-bet agries with a base between them. With about 18 minutes left in regulation DWFI subbed out their base(Dreadnought) in an effort to kill Mr Potato Head, and were promptly bombed flat. Team tuber noticed this and knew what they intended, but Mr Potato Head in being cautious, stayed too far back and got caught in the midfield all alone and ogged +7. Now, with 15 minutes left in the game DWFI brought back in the Dreadnought base. It looked dark for team tuber, but due to the base ogging they were able to capture 2 frontline DWFI planets and still had armies in the backfield. DWFI now could have bombed team tuber flat, but mysteriously almost gave up bombing and Team Tuber was able to end the game before OT. Thanks to the subs pigface@u.wash and tychay, they did a great job.


From: (Andrew Markiel)
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 95 04:20:36 GMT

An excellent game, Tubers vs. DFWI at Tubers had two subs, but both played very well, especially our bomber who managed to keep their armies under control despite massive ASW.

DFWI passed race pick to Tubers, who chose Fed with Alp/Bet agri. I was certain that DFWI would take Rom, with Dra/Sir agri (in fact our choice was based on Fed being a little better than Rom) but inexplicably DFWI took Ori with Cas/Ant agri. Apparently DFWI felt they could rewl our front enough to hold the agri. DFWI mostly used heavy ships throughout the game (CA/BB, with a few DD), which gave them a space control advantage at the cost of army control.

Opening bombing went very badly at first, as DFWI ASWed massively and only 2 Ori planets were touched in the first wave, but subsequent waves chopped down their armies while the Feds saved 5 complete planets. However, continued ASW by the Oris made up for the army deficit.

The midgame centered around Bet (agri) - Tubers for some reason kept wandering off and letting the Oris take Bet, then had to push the Ori base back to retake. However, Tubers didn't crack despite having to chop through the entire Ori team multiple times, and DFWI wasn't able to push their advantage, occasionally taking Cet but unable to hold it.

As time went on Tubers stopped leaving Bet undefended, and got better oggs on the Ori base (we got him to warp 1 several times, but couldn't finish him off), which slowly turned the tide. Around 30 minutes in, the Oris switched out of their base after another barely failed wave, which turned out to be a key mistake since simultaneously Tubers had managed to save ~20 armies from the lackluster DFWI bombing. With no base to worry about, Tubers rained armies onto Ori planets...after some initial exchanging, Arc was firmly Fed owned while the battle raged over Spi/Pro/El.

Unfortunately, with 23 minutes to go Oris were able to sneak behind a take and ogg the Fed base in a single wave. Things looked unhappy, but Tubers lost no stride and continued to swallow Ori planets whole. DFWI brought out their base again, but while clearing Spi for a take he was left mostly undefended and a massive full team Tuber ogg wave killed him before help could arrive. With no base to control and the Tuber carrying machine in full gear (the DFWI bombing was at this point non-existant) the Ori frontline fell. In the last minute Arc was at 4 and both Spi and Pro neutral, Oris retook Pro but we dropped 1 on Spi to end the game 12-8 in regulation.

The battle for the Division 2 title is now quite interesting, as Tubers have lost to SAW, SAW to DFWI, and DFWI to Tuber (all away). If we each win the rest of our games, then it would come down to planet tiebreakers. Of course, GB and ET still have something to say about that...

-Grey Elf

From: (Polamreddy Reddy V)
Date: 6 Nov 1995 12:58:20 -0600

Yesterday afternoon Tubers hosted DFWI in what turned out to be a pivotal game in Division I. Since Tubers lost to SAW earlier this game was a "do-or-die". Luckily, DFWI beat SAW a few days earlier giving Tubers the break they needed. Now we had to capitalize on the opportunity presented to us.

Unfortunately, both teams had trouble fielding a full team. So we had to wait several minutes before the game had enough players. Eventually, DFWI got Subby to sub for them, and Tubers got both tychay and pigface to sub.

The races were Fed for Tubers and Ori for DFWI. We had alp-bet agri which proved to be very important in the outcome of the game (army control). The game started out quite in the favor of DFWI. Tubers had a very tough time bombing. DFWI managed to bomb most of the non-core planets, but couldnt get to our core planets. Tubers finally bombed the all of the non-core DFWI planets too in the second and third waves. DFWI had about 25 armies on the base and about 40 armies on various planets. Tubers had 25 on their base and about 30 armies that had been moved to alp. DFWI quickly established control on the Tuber front and started taking CET-ORG. Much of the first half centered on Tubers retaking their front as DFWI kept constant pressure on. We situated Scott (who was basing) between ALP-BET so that he could take advantage of the double agris. DFWI then made successful pushes to taking BET with the help of Dreadnought base. Tubers, however, kept their cool and since they made ~10 armies on their base (who carried nearly 175 armies during the game) at all times, just retook everything DFWI had captured.

The second half of the game was when Tubers really laid it on. With excellent bombing from pigface and patient scumming from all the Tubers, the front was slowly moved from ORG-CET-BET to SPI-POL-ARC. Tubers began weakening almost all the front-line ori planets, from EL to ARC. DFWI seemed to be loosing coordination as their bombing really fell apart during this part of the game. Tubers successfully took EL, SPI, POL, and ARC at one time or another. Most of the time holding 2 planets on the ori front, and even three planets a few times. DFWI took their TO with about 20-25 minutes left in the game to get reorganized. It seemed like they decided they had to kill Scott. So while most of the Tuber were busy taking POL, DFWI deftly organized 6 CA/BBs into deep Tuber space. They managed to kill Scott with that wave as he had no escorts in site to help him. Nonetheless, the damage had been done. Scott's base gave us the armies we needed for much of the game. These armies eventually led to us being able to, well frankly, outscum DFWI.

In the last 20 or so minutes, Tubers used excellent bombing (again kudos to pigface) with CA support to help our SC to bomb deep into DFWI space to prevent DFWI from mounting a come back. We had constant scummming going on so when DFWI did take a planet back, we immeadiately retook. The end of the game was especially exciting. DFWI managed to make it 11-9 with under 1 minute to go. Both me (+6) and Andrew (+4) were racing to get SPI. The DFWI oggers lost control at the front (partly do to our control rewling at that time and partly due to not knowing who to kill), and Andrew got through to SPI with under 10 seconds to go to take SPI to account for the 12-8 final tally.

Very fun game. And a game we had to have. Our MVP was without a doubt: Dan (Charity). Dan took 10 planets, ogged over 20 armies, and helped us keep control at the front (105-70 record). Tubers finally showed signs of teamwork after a series of sluggish scrimmages and games. Maybe this is the game that gets Tubers rolling again, who knows? Kudos to Scott for excellent basing, our scums for being patient (ie Jay and Dan), pigface and tychay for subbing for us, Andrew and Tony for being at the right place at the right time, and all the Tubers and DFWI for a well played game.



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