Golden Bears (away) defeated EuroTwinks (11-8-1, OT)

Time:         Sun Nov  5 23:21:47 1995


From: Gerard Monsen (
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 1995 14:25:11 -0800

The Golden Bears defeated EuroTwinks in overtime. We were very happy to get the win since the EuroTwinks had a significant home field advantage (i.e. the whole GB team was lagged up the butt). The game in regulation time was pretty much even. The Eurotwinks especially in the beginning employed heavy ASW. This sacrificed space control, though, and the GB employed multiple CA bombers to off-set the ASW. The EuroTwinks did manage a few major pushes into GB (ROM) territory including controling the front-line AGRI (Can) for a good amount of time. But, the GB recovered. By the end of regulation, GB started down a planet with Ind neutral and Reg at 3. GB, however, had the advantage of a base, so we were confident that we could pull the game out.

Reg was at 3 and Org after a minute or so was up to 9 Fed armies. The EuroTwinks surrounded and controled Reg. The idea, obviously, was that they would hopefully get a kill and have Reg already controlled so that the ship with the kill could just carry from Org to Reg twice for the win. However, the GB appropriately ignored the crowd at Reg and instead gathered more at Rig and Can -- dogfighting the few ET straglers there. This forced several of the crowd at Reg to move over there to support their team-members and broke down their screen at Reg. The GB base was able to clear away the rest of the ET ships from Reg once it got down there after picking 4 armies from Hyd. Org was promptly bombed.

Slot Scum (F9) got the first kill and went back to Earth to pickup. However, GB played very staunch front-line defence and just kept shadowing him. Having the base between reg and ind and having Cap AGRI helped, too. Most importantly, however, the ET team seemed so afraid of giving away a kill to the GB team that they never oganized a massive escort/clear to a planet. F9 kept flying back and forth with 2 armies on board for probably 2 minutes. Finally, Buster (R8) got a kill for the GB team, picked the base, and retook Ind. The game started to turn into something more "normal." Ships started being a little more aggressive and more kills were gotten.

The biggest difference at this point in the game was that the GB team picked up armies quickly and went on a delivering spree while not many ET tried to use their kills. The GB quickly took Org. A few ships stayed there defending Org from an attempted ET take while Duck Dodgers (Re) loaded up in an AS and went down and neuted Rig with the help of one or two ships already at the planet for the win.


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