DFWI (home) defeated Seven Ancient Wonders (11-8-1, OT)

Time:         Wed Nov  1 23:15:07 1995
Server:       mystic.agron.iastate.edu


From: kmbst30+@pitt.edu (Kevin M Bernatz)
Date: 4 Nov 95 20:14:06 GMT

Anyways...the game started with DFWI ogging Erik+24 within the first 10 minutes of the game (yet another great SAW start :< ). They dominated the first half of the game, constantly taking our planets and even using their base to take Sir (our front line agri in this Kli-Rom war). Eventually their base died and SAW started coming back with superior coordination, though DFWI still swarmed exceptionally. They had one carrier in a DD who ended up with ~20 kills before we finally brought him down :(. The net result was that we got lucky making it to OT and then got within 3 armies of winning, but we let Erik die in OT and they came back for the win. Sucks to be us :(.



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