Team NF

- Niclas Fredriksson River Runs Red
6 NF Bill Katz Vlad, Rufo da Coward, Vorpal Gandhi
7 NF Drew Vassallo snurple
18 NF Scott Humphreys GREEN ELF, ensignerator
19 NF Chris Feist MustNotScum, RustDragon
30 NF lee nomad cyanide christ, bQQbs
31 NF Eric Chan Renegade
42 NF Bao Wow New DSL, Cochon
43 NF Hamza Kubba bigimp, Twinko Grande
54 NF Rich Hansen DotFlyer, I don't have any other , pickup names you toolbox
55 NF Joe Evango Liberator
66 NF Shaun Foley Cyanide
67 NF Dave Pinkney CrazyFingers, The Weak Link, dpinkney
78 NF Erik Rungi guest, bozo
79 NF Bill Mrozinski 2muchclue4u, mothman
90 NF David Loney lonedog, lonedog, lonedog
91 NF reuben anderssen Sea Horse
102 NF H Patel conman, HP007
103 NF Jimmy Ying Kakarot, Jimmy, Insignia

If you don't recognize someone, you can find out more about him by looking at his draft submission (click on his name).