The Netrek Draft League 2002 is run by The WNL Organizers.
Draft League 2002

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1. Organizers

  • For the 2002 season, the Draft League organizers are Karthik Arumugham, Kevin Bernatz, and David Moore. These organizers have broad discretionary power over the running of the league, but the captains may call votes as described in rule 4. The WNL Organizers have final say over all Draft League matters.

1. Attendance

  • At least 5 roster players must be at a game for it to count as an official game
  • Substitutes from other Draft League teams may be used with the approval of the other team's captain
  • Roster players must be given first opportunity to play over any substitutes
  • Captains should attempt to give all players equal playing time, regardless of skill

2. Servers and scheduling

  • Games will be played on WNL approved servers
  • If a game cannot meet rule 1 above, it may be rescheduled
  • Games will otherwise be played on Tuesdays at 9PM EST or Sundays at 3PM EST, as determined by the Draft League organizers
  • Teams must give the Draft League organizers notice if a game cannot be played or has been missed for any reason

3. Technical rules

  • Games will be 60 minutes long with a 20 minute overtime
  • If a server crashes or has severe network problems, the game may be restarted
  • Playoff games will have an unlimited overtime to avoid a tie
  • Games should have starting armies set to 12
  • Wins will follow the WNL continuous scoring standard

4. Disputes

  • Any disputes will be resolved by a vote of all Draft League captains
  • Draft League captains may not vote upon an issue concerning their teams

5. Trades

  • A player from one team may be traded for a player from another team with the consent of both captains
  • The Draft League organizers must be informed immediately of any trades, and may reject trades if warranted

6. Rule changes

  • The Draft League organizers may amend these rules at any time, and may make changes which affect previously played games